Qualified Companies Considering a Reg A or Crowdfunding Deal Attend for Free

Since 2018, The Reg A Conference has been the largest gathering for finance professionals active in this growing sector. Attendees called our last event, “The best Reg A Conference that’s ever been held.” We aim to top that in June by hosting even more companies who are considering a Regulation A transaction. In addition, Crowdfunding is a new component of the conference this year, so we’ve created special opportunities for executives interested in this unique capital-raise method. The conference covers both Regulation and Securities-Based Crowdfunding issues, including equity vs. debt-based campaigns.

Are you a public or private company considering or conducting a Reg A deal? A Crowdfunding deal?

If you’re a private or public company considering either a Reg A or Crowdfunding transaction (or currently conducting such a transaction), we’re offering a unique opportunity to come network with the largest group of deal-makers in the business. The conference includes private meeting space for executives interested in individual consultations with management teams and investors.

Qualifying companies will enjoy all the benefits of attendance which includes access to the private meeting areas and use of scheduling software to facilitate introductions. And best of all…if you qualify to participate, you will receive a free ticket!

Here’s who qualifies for free attendance:

  • C-level executives representing a company that is contemplating or conducting a Regulation A transaction
  • Public companies considering or conducting a Reg A
  • Private companies considering or conducting a Reg A
  • Private companies considering or conducting a Crowdfunding deal

If you are interested in this opportunity, you must be attending the event as an executive-level employee at a qualifying private or public company. Fill out the form below and one of our event coordinators will reach out to confirm your participation details.

Application for Free Ticket & Private 1-on-1 Meetings at The Reg A & Crowdfunding Conference