Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Regulation A

June 17, 2022


08:00 AM

Opening Remarks

Steven Dresner

DealFlow Events

09:00 AM

Self-Hosted Raises – How Leading Brands Will Use Reg A+ to Raise Capital in the Next Decade (Presentation)

  • Why the sector will evolve from just "marketplaces" to big brands raising capital on their websites
  • The changing perception of venture capital and traditional financing sources as bigger brands enter the crowdfunding arena and succeed
  • The role that data is playing in optimizing offerings
  • How technology will evolve to shape the next 10 years of Reg A and beyond

Jonathan Stidd

DealMaker Reach

09:35 AM

How a Series Reg A Offering Provides Numerous Syndication Opportunities (Presentation)

  • Rolling out additional subsidiary classes for specific investment opportunities
  • No more limited Reg Ds when you can expand the investor pool
  • Structuring around difficulties in raising capital for large funds
  • How to simplify tax preparation when investing in real estate
  • Diversification into different asset classes, and long-term business planning

Nathaniel Dodson

Crowdfunding Lawyers

10:05 AM

Networking Break

10:35 AM

Marketing Tactics to Leverage Both Online and Offline Mediums (Panel)

  • Where to begin promoting the offering (your customers could be your best investors)
  • Identifying the target audience for precision marketing
  • Cost-effective strategies for telling your story
  • Explaining the investment and potential benefits – while staying within the rules
  • How online and offline media, combined, can be a powerful way to get the word out

Elena Weissmann


Danny Shapouri

Digital Niche Agency, Inc

Alex Portera

Rally On Media

Gene Massey


Jillian Bannister

Ext. Marketing

11:05 AM

Safeguarding Against Crowdfunding Investor Fraud (Fireside)

  • How to investigate a company founder’s reputation and business track record
  • Crowdfunding platforms and investor protections
  • Transparency, disclosures and legal requirements for entrepreneurs
  • Communication clarity and understanding terms of the CF investment
  • Horror stories and success stories
  • What to do if you are a victim of fraud

Spencer Israel


Jeanne Campanelli


12:00 PM


12:30 PM

What’s Worked – And Hasn’t Worked – In Recent Reg A Transactions (Presentation)

  • Determining the sweet spot in the capital raise amount
  • Knowing when you’re ready for an exchange listing
  • Maintaining good investor relations & communications
  • Filing the correct SEC reports – on time
  • Pursuing good advice from consultants who know Reg A

Darren Marble


01:30 PM

How to Springboard a Reg A Offering into Joining OTC Markets (Fireside)

  • Navigating the SEC submission process
  • Dealing with broker-dealers
  • Budgeting expenses: how much is this going to cost?
  • Determining the right exchange listing for your business
  • Do you need an advisor to guide the way? (Yes, you do)

Rachel Nussbaum

OTC Markets

Louis Bevilacqua

Bevilacqua PLLC

02:00 PM

Reg A to the Exchanges: A Case Study (Presentation)

  • Listing Reg A on NASDAQ and NYSE
  • The success and failures of listings
  • Moving past a Reg A Issuance

Mark Elenowitz

Digital Offering

02:40 PM

Networking Break

03:00 PM

Technology Platforms to Assist in Both Deal-marketing and Transaction Processing (Panel)

  • How tech platforms take the pain out of executing Reg A offerings
  • Choosing a one-stop shop or different firms for marketing and processing transactions
  • Why you should automate Reg A compliance and risk monitoring
  • Why you definitely want to test the waters – and use tech to aid your research
  • Determining fair value for money spent or... What’s the real value of your time?

Chris Lustrino


Will Ford


Nick Bhargava


03:40 PM

Getting in the Door: How International Companies Can Raise Capital with Reg A (Fireside)

  • Setting up US corporate headquarters via C-corporation, LLC or Limited Partnership
  • Tier 1 or Tier 2 – determining which is best for your company
  • Navigating the SEC qualification process
  • Working with broker dealers
  • Managing the investor portal website & investor relations
  • Understanding & following SEC reporting requirements

Aaron Shafton


Avraham Ben-Tzvi

ABZ Law Office

04:35 PM

Raising Capital Fast and Efficiently Through Regulation A and Regulation CF (Presentation)

  • Reg CF and Reg A – What’s the difference?
  • Deciding where to host your offering (marketplace platforms vs. issuer website)
  • Cost-effective marketing and promotion ideas
  • Getting the word out through financial publications and influencers
  • Pursuing syndication and co-listing
  • Benefits of fractional share "series issuer" platforms and secondary market trading

Etan Butler

Dalmore Group

05:10 PM

Cocktail Reception

Sponsored by Dalmore Group

05:40 PM
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