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The Reg A Conference is where the industry’s thought leaders gather to discuss strategies for alternative IPO transactions, most notably those using Regulation A. You’ll be learning from the most experienced professionals in the sector as they make their opinions known in panels and presentations that give real context to the state of the market, all while preparing you for what’s next to come in the areas of law, accounting and Reg A investment strategy.

Here are some of the agenda topics we’re developing for the 2023 event:

  • Online and offline marketing tactics
  • Affinity marketing strategies that turn your customers into investors
  • Evaluating technology platforms for deal-marketing and transaction processing
  • The current state of raising capital online through Reg A deals
  • Reg A by the numbers: 2023 deal activity based on market conditions and historical data
  • Determining if Reg A will benefit your company and meet your needs
  • What effect does stock market volatility have on Reg A?
  • How to market a Reg A offering in the current environment
  • Reg A tips and techniques
  • Benefits of Alternative Trading Systems (ATS)
  • Under what circumstances can you use an ATS for a public offering?
  • OTC Public Offerings: How and why to take this approach
  • When it makes sense to list before you complete your capital raise
  • Legislative and regulatory updates
  • How to use a Reg A offering as a launch pad for joining the NYSE or Nasdaq
  • A look at common fee structures and expenses for offerings
  • Differences between Regulation A and Regulation D Rule 506(c)
  • Updates on reporting requirements, including federal regulations governing Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • How Crowdfunding is intertwined with Reg A
  • Using social media and understanding allowed forms of communication
  • Benefits of orchestrating a “testing the waters” campaign to gauge investor interest
  • Understanding offering statements, public filings, and the SEC’s EDGAR system
  • How the SEC comment process can affect your capital raise
  • What’s worked – and hasn’t worked – in recent Reg A transactions
Panel of speakers

The Reg A Conference 2023 program is currently in development. Please complete this form to recommend a speaker.

2022 Speakers

Jillian Bannister
Ext. Marketing

Avraham Ben-Tzvi
ABZ Law Office

Louis Bevilacqua
Bevilacqua PLLC

Nick Bhargava

Etan Butler
Dalmore Group

Jeanne Campanelli

Nathaniel Dodson
Crowdfunding Lawyers

Mark Elenowitz
Digital Offering

Gerald Ellenburg

Will Ford

Spencer Israel

Darren Marble

Gene Massey

Rachel Nussbaum
OTC Markets

Alex Portera
Rally On Media

Aaron Shafton

Danny Shapouri
Digital Niche Agency

Jonathan Stidd
DealMaker Reach

Elena Weissmann

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