Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about Regulation A

June 30, 2023


08:00 AM

Key Strategies to Drive Reg A Success (Presentation)

  • Testing the waters before diving in
  • Sculpting the message to investors
  • Multi-channel marketing reaches the right audiences, consistently
  • Qualifying with the SEC on Form 1-A
  • Convincing existing investors why the raise is essential
  • Preparing and filing the prospectus
  • Offer completion and investor relations

Jonathan Stidd

DealMaker Reach

09:10 AM

Fractional Ownership and Syndicating through Reg A (Presentation)

  • One offering to rule them all through Reg A Series Offerings
  • Now creating separate investments for separate assets into unique investment opportunities
  • Creating crowdfunding opportunities for all investors into traditionally accredited investor restricted opportunities
  • Using a Series Offering to seek investments in unique franchise locations, separate product lines, business divisions, collectibles, and real estate

Nathaniel Dodson

Crowdfunding Lawyers

09:40 AM

Lessons Learned After 1 Million Reg A+ Investments (Fireside)

  • Leveraging the Right Team
  • Win Before You Start - Setting Expectations
  • The Dalmore Way of Marketing and Promotion
  • The Value of Community
  • The Beauty of Frictionless Technology
  • The Wrong Way of Vendor Selection
  • The Crowdfunding Calculator

Dawson Russell

Dalmore Technology

Etan Butler

Dalmore Group

10:10 AM

Networking Break

10:40 AM

Why Blue Sky Matters For Reg A, Tier 2 Issuers (Presentation)

  • Background: Blue Sky laws protect investors
  • Blue Sky compliance & proper audits foster investor confidence
  • Key advantage for Tier 2 issuers: No need to register with state securities regulators
  • Some states may require a copy of Form D filing with the SEC
  • Issues impacting secondary trading and Blue Sky

Reyner Meikle

Agile Legal

11:10 AM

Filing Musts: Ensuring Reg A Applications are Reviewed Thoroughly (Fireside)

  • An overview of SEC disclosure requirements for Reg A offerings
  • Essential documents, timetable to file and current fees
  • Differing requirements for Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • Why you want an experienced firm reviewing your documents before you file them
  • Consequences of inaccurate and/or untimely filings

Andrea Cataneo

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

11:40 AM

Opportunities for Cross-Border Reg A Offerings While Following International Rules (Fireside)

  • How an international offering can bring a welcome add-on tranche
  • Viewing a cross-border offering as two separate offerings proceeding on parallel tracks
  • Structuring the offering
  • Navigating international and US securities regulations
  • Understanding “direct selling efforts” and Safe Harbor regulations

Avraham Ben-Tzvi

ABZ Law Office

12:15 PM


12:45 PM

Reg A Straight to Nasdaq and OTC (Panel)

  • Benefits of crowdfunding when compared to the standard Reg A journey
  • How much is this going to cost, compared to a straight Reg A offering?
  • What’s the timetable for a crowdfunded offering?
  • Communicating and dealing with retail investors

David Weild IV

Weild & Co.

Aaron Shafton


Rachel Nussbaum

OTC Markets

Gene Massey


Mark Elenowitz

Digital Offering

01:45 PM

Targeted Advertising: How to Use Data to Reach the Right Investors for Your Reg A Raise (Panel)

  • Utilize data-driven strategies to target and reach potential investors interested in your Reg A raise.
  • Implement effective targeted advertising campaigns to engage specific investor segments for your Reg A raise.
  • Optimize investor acquisition by leveraging data analytics, audience segmentation, and personalized messaging for Reg A offerings.

Andrew Yakub


David Shapiro

b2i digital

Irene Hyder

One 9 Strategy

Jason Fishman

Digital Niche Agency

02:35 PM

Networking Break

03:20 PM

From Ring to Raise: Leveraging an Investor Outreach Desk to Skyrocket Your Capital Campaign (Fireside)

  • Understanding what a retail IR calling desk does
  • The importance of multichannel marketing campaigns
  • What are compliant communications and why should you care?
  • Comparing the cost of an investor outreach firm with handling investor relations yourself

Ethan Karayannopoulos

Public Yield Capital

Manuj Grover

Public Yield Capital

03:50 PM

How to Leverage Social Media to Maximize the Success of a Reg A Raise (Presentation)

  • Identifying the right platforms that yield conversions
  • Obtaining and engaging followers before the Reg A launch
  • What makes a post go viral and receive coverage by influencers or niche and mainstream media?
  • Creating good SEO for greater social engagement
  • How to convert fans and followers into shareholders

Andrew Corn

E5A Integrated Marketing

04:25 PM

Regulation A Part F/S Financial Statement Reporting Requirements (Presentation)

  • The offering circular format
  • Differences in Tier 1 and Tier 2 reporting requirements
  • Balance sheets required for two most recent fiscal years
  • What information will savvy investors be looking for?
  • Compliance checklist

Gino Scipione, CPA

Cohen & Company

04:55 PM

Cocktail Reception

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05:30 PM

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