David Shapiro

David Shapiro - Speaker

CEO, b2i digital

David has worked in finance, technology, and marketing for 30 years, including 5 global banks and 3 advertising agencies. He currently supports the National Investment Banking Association as their Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to B2i Digital, he was the Chief Marketing Officer for Maxim Group and one of the founders of their investor awareness platform, M-Vest.com. He has previously worked as head of marketing for micro-cap companies in the transportation and healthcare industries. David maintains his status as a Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner. He has spent the last 15+ years managing digital ad accounts that delivered billions of ad impressions across all prominent platforms. He has provided digital marketing consulting to B2C and B2B companies in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, technology, real estate, hospitality, beverage, automotive & pharmaceutical. He received a BS in Applied Economics and Business Management from Cornell University.